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Understanding Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination

What is Age Discrimination?

Age Discrimination is classified as a type of discrimination that involves the illegal, unlawful, and unethical bias or prejudice with regard to the age of an individual or a group. The expanses of Age Discrimination are quite vast. They can affect individuals of all ages in virtually every avenue of society.

What is an Ageist?

An ageist is an individual who upholds a philosophy of Ageism, which can be defined as the act of perpetuating Age Discrimination through discriminatory actions and prejudicial beliefs. Ageism can exist in a wide range of institutions within society, ranging from biased employment hiring practices to prejudiced membership admission methodologies.

Types of Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination can occur in a variety of settings with regard to individuals ranging in age from minors to the elderly:

Age Discrimination of Minors: Although an age of consent is instituted within the legislation of the United States, Age Discrimination can take place within circumstances where a legal age of consent is not applicable.

While age of consent legislation was instituted in order to protect the safety, well-being, and interest of persons under the age of legal adulthood, Age Discrimination with regard to minors is illegal and unlawful in the event that opportunities are withheld due to their age outside of a legal parameter.

Age Discrimination for the Elderly: In many cases, senior citizens – individuals above the age of 65 – have reported situations involving Age Discrimination ranging from forced retirement to unlawful prohibitions instituted in various social settings and situations.

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