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Easy Definition of Civil Defense

Civil Defense

What is Definition of a Civil Defense?

Within the realm of a civil lawsuit, applicable protocol with regard to judicial process is classified as the provision of evidence with regard to a matter, event, or circumstance for the review – and subsequent verdict – undertaken by the presiding justice.Civil Defense is defined as a nature of the overarching legal classification innate in the term ‘civil litigation’; however, civil litigation is not limited to the majority of judicial review and legal process undertaken within a civil court proceeding.

With regard to the institution of civil litigation, two parties undergo dispute resolution; these parties are classified as the plaintiff or accusing party, and the defendant, who is responsible for the provision of substantial civil defense. Both the civil complaint, as well as the civil defense is heard before the presiding justice; within civil law legal setting, the hearing is mediated – and subsequently decided – by the presiding judge.

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