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Learn the Age For A Driver's License

Age For A Driver39s License

There is no general age at which teenagers in the U.S. can get their driver’s license, due to this determination being left up to the discretion of individual state legislatures. As such, the age in which a driver’s license can first be obtained ranges between 14 years and 3 months and 17 years.

Moreover, the age at which a driver’s license can be obtained may be subject to the additional imposition of graduated licensing, according to which more restrictive licenses will first be granted to drivers prior to obtaining a full driver’s license.

The age at which a driver’s license is granted to teenagers may depend on the degree to which the individual state is urbanized and populated. In this regard, New Jersey might be noted as having the highest age requirement for a driver’s license to be granted at 17 years old, while the less densely populated South Dakota has the lowest age level.

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